COMING SOON - Emergency Medical Team VR Security Training
The Emergency Medical Team VR Security Training course from Resilience Academy is aimed at the international responder community; specifically, health professionals and supporting staff working within an Emergency Medical Team/ Field Hospital environment outside their country of origin, aiming to provide health care specifically to disaster affected populations. These include governmental (GO) and non-governmental (NGO) teams.Its content is designed to provide underpinning background knowledge in a modular format to support the learner through the interactive on-line programme in a progressive manner and create a natural order of priority.

The guidance has been produced by a number of lead sector professionals from the GO and NGO humanitarian response world, specialising in safety and security, including: The Resilience Advisors Network, the Global Interagency Security Forum (formerly EISF) UKAID, and the World Health Organisation.

Near-Life™ approach to online learning

To help bring the learning to life, the written course materials include Near-Life™ interactive scenarios. Resilience Academy learners will be accustomed to working with Near-Life™ learning scenarios, where their decisions impact on the scenario ourtomes. With this new course, learners will have the opportunity to complete the scenarios in virtual reality mode. The scenarios have been designed to work with most VR headsets and smartphone operating systems, there's no need to download and install an app or invest in expensive hardware. Learners can also complete the scenarios on their desktops.

The course is due to launch Winter 2020.