Resilience Academy provides personal security training as part of the HEAT course. The course is crucial for anyone working or planning to work in hostile or insecure environments.

The personal security training element introduces learners to a variety of measures that will help reduce the likelihood of security-related incidents taking place and also provides guidance on the appropriate responses when things go wrong.

Anyone posted to severe risk environments will need some form of personal security training to ensure that appropriate risk reduction measures are in place prior to deployment. The Resilience Academy HEAT course aims to improve personal security by increasing awareness of the potential risks and appropriate responses in relation to:

  • Travel/deployment
  • Cultural differences and situational awareness
  • Hostile checkpoints
  • Kidnapping, abduction and hostage taking
  • Medical emergencies
  • IED and explosives
  • Communications
  • Cyber security and online safety

Personal security training for everyone

Though primarily aimed at learners working in hostile environments, the Resilience Academy HEAT course is appropriate for anyone who wants to improve their own awareness and build resilience in an increasingly safety-challenged world.

Personal security training can help you reduce the likelihood of security-related incidents.

In particular, students embarking on a gap or placement year abroad would benefit from the personal security information and safety principles provided in the course. Completion of HEAT training prior to departure will also give anxious parents some peace of mind.

Using real actors, our interactive scenarios put learners in situations they'll most likely encounter in the field. Our Near-Life™ learning approach allows learners to react and respond to personal security challenges in a safe environment.

For more information, see HEAT.