Increasingly, global security appears to be under constant threat from environmental disasters, war or threat of war, poverty, health crises, terrorism, and economic instability. Operating in environments in the middle of, or recovering from, a security crisis requires a certain skill set to ensure that security in the field is not compromised. Such threats pose a danger to both local and international staff, programmes, and assets.

Manage risks and react appropriately

As such, it is vitally important that anyone deploying to a hostile environment takes the relevant precautionary actions to develop the practical techniques to manage risks and react appropriately in dangerous situations.

Security in the field relies on everyone knowing how to respond in the event of actual danger in order to minimise the impact of common security dilemmas in the field.

Five principles of security

The HostileWorld HEAT course covers security in the field safety training including the Five Principles of Security:

  1. Awareness: take the time to develop an awareness of the area/region that you will be operating in; check your surroundings and remain alert to vehicles or people following you, etc
  2. Personal routines: avoid following the same routines, change your departure/arrival times and vary your routes, wherever possible
  3. Maintain a low profile: avoid conversations about work and your personal life where you may be overheard; will your clothes, jewellery or even your volume attract unwanted attention?
  4. Communication: always carry a mobile phone and be aware of the police and emergency services number in the country or region that you are operating in
  5. Layers of protection: having layers of protection in place will make you a harder target and may encourage unwanted attention to be redirected to an easier target.

It is crucial that anyone working or planning to operate in insecure or hostile environments completes security in the field safety training as part of a HEAT training course before deployment.

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