Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Staying safe in  hostile world

Traditionally, Hostile Environment Training, often called HEAT, has been limited to three to seven days of face-to-face training often requiring residential stays. Participants receive a mix of presentations and lectures plus simulated exercises to help give them a better understanding of the security principles involved with staying safe in hostile environments.

Utilising powerful, Near-Life™ technology, alongside expert content, Resilience Academy is able to bring HEAT training online and give learners an experience similar to what they would receive across a five-day residential course at a fraction of the cost.

Developed in partnership with Blue Mountain Group, Resilience Advisory Network and UK ISAR, our HEAT course gives participants the latest in HEAT training content while our Near-Life™ interactive scenarios test learners' ability to deal with real time threats.

Our HEAT training covers:

  1. Pre-deployment
  2. Arrival & orientation
  3. In the field
  4. Crisis Management
  5. Surviving captivity
  6. Post-deployment

Putting the right training in place

This course is ideal for anyone working in or about to deploy to hostile environments, anyone who has already done a face-to-face HEAT course and is looking to refresh their learning or local personnel who are unable to attend face-to-face training.