Near-Life™ allows users to experience immersive, role-play style training, which enhances engagement and knowledge retention at a fraction of the per person cost of traditional role-play training.

The technology, developed by Digital Training Solutions, was inspired by cutting-edge research, not only into the benefits of immersive learning but also into the science of gamification. Gamification is a type of training which utilises a game-like approach to improve learning.

Near-Life™ offers a realistic, first person experience that challenges learners to make real-time decisions. Learners have ten seconds to make a decision, if a decision is not made, the scenario will unfold automatically. As in real life, there is no pause and there are no second chances: all choices, including failure to choose, have consequences.

This new approach promotes highly immersive learning that improves knowledge retention and delivers enhanced feedback for users. By adopting a unique filmed approach, using real actors and locations, the software makes the training scenarios as realistic and effective as possible.